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The boy of our affections...'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The boy of our affections...

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Gael Online [29 Dec 2004|12:55pm]

Hello everybody,

I hope you had cool holidays and will start off good new into the next year.
I have a little surprise for you!

From now on it will be a lot easier to find news about Gael, because me and a friend will open the first English fansites for Gael in 2005!

Please click the banner to learn more!

Also, the forum opened today. I hope you will all join. We're looking for moderators!!
Hope to see you everyone around,
Sandra :)
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[23 Dec 2004|04:38pm]
apply @ x_glamour_girl !!
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[09 Oct 2004|11:52am]

[ mood | Perky ]

Hi All, Thought I'd introduce myself....Hope it's ok to post a couple of pix (of my fave guys) at once

My Fave GuysCollapse )

LuvYa xXx

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[01 Sep 2004|10:58am]

Hi, I'm new here!

This guy isn't really the "object of my affections"... but I thought this picture was pretty hot. This is Scott from "The Moffatts":

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[11 Apr 2004|01:14pm]

See what the jews are really up to.
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[17 Feb 2004|10:35pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Not everyone may not agree with my taste but I think Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional is pretty sweet

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Plugged in and ready to fall . . . [11 Nov 2003|12:50pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

To me Matt Skiba from the Alkaline Trio is a beautiful man, I mean look at the pictures. He just has this intrigue, but I thnk it more has to do with his voice, I just love listening to their cd's and his vice can just hold this emotional depth. (And now I am sounding like a dork LoL.) He also has tattoos, and I am an absolute sucker for tattoos ~_^

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[07 Oct 2003|10:53pm]

Ya! Welcome to this dripping, steaming community, literally! This is the place to find pictures of ALL the hot guys you've ever thought about, rawr! It makes me sweat just thinking about it! (not really, well maybe) Yerp. As specified by the RULES, here are some pictures of some chicos muy calientes, si? Ay, bien bien.

But first... my name, for the sake of not being discovered (shush up) is Bernice. Lovely? I'm 16, love all kinds of music, am in love with Daniel Johns of Silverchair, am vegan (was), love to dance, and obviously love guys

what a good idea!Collapse )
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